About HexNa.me

Hexna.me is a product of Adam Diehm, owner of The Red Theory.

The idea for Hexna.me started on May 18, 2011, while I was perusing github for something to do. I happened across issue #504 on the github repo for HTML5 Boilerplate. Click over for more info, but basically a user came across Lexadecimal.com and suggested looking for a new highlight color. Paul Irish then asked if anyone wanted to do the math to find which word was the closest mathematical match, and I eagerly started writing!

A few hours later, I had managed to get the starts of code that would look for words that matched with 1337 type text replacements in close proximity to the original number.

Oddly enough, at the time I was searching for a new side project, and this got enough traction, I decided to flush out the code, and make an app of it!

I used this opportunity to learn a few new things. First of which, the Limonade microframework. I had a great experience with this, and have used it for other projects already! I also ended up _finally_ getting some experience with SQLite3 as well, which was also very nice to work with.

I hope you enjoy, and please hit up the uservoice below, so I know what I should add next! I also like getting thoughts via email!